Mission Asset Fund

Posted on December 19, 2014

People around the world lend and borrow with each other when bank loans aren’t an option. Mission Asset Fund’s (MAF) Lending Circles transforms this traditional practice to help borrowers access affordable loans, build credit history, and set them up for a financially stable future. Lending Circles provide zero-interest and zero-fee small dollar loan. MAF provides Lending Circles for Citizenship, Security Deposit and Dreamers.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) helps participants pursue higher education, meaningful employment, and a real chance to contribute to our country. MAF’s Lending Circles for Dreamers program organizes DREAMers to lend and borrow money with each other to finance their application fee.

Itzel always knew she was undocumented, she had known it all her life. Her status had never really impacted her life in a major way. She was happy in high school, and didn’t need a driver’s license because she could not afford a car. Everything in her life was moving down the right path, but when she turned eighteen, things took an unexpected turn. When Itzel went to apply for college, she was unable to get past the first page. Her dreams were halted due to her lack of a Social Security Number. Without a Social Security she couldn’t apply to the schools that she had been dreaming of her entire life.

Once DACA was launched, it changed Itzel’s life. She was able to apply for DACA by joining the Lending Circles for DREAMers program, where she received mentorship and financial aid through social loans, and received her first work permit.

Itzel is now attending City College. She has worked hard all of her life, and she will continue to work hard to attain her American dream. She is proud to be an example of what undocumented youth can be, and is optimistic about what the DREAMer movement can accomplish in the future. “I think things are going to go great and we’re going to look back and say, yes, we made a difference.”